Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring is about to spring

I've just decided that it's time I started my blog to share recipes and gardening ideas with my friends or anyone who wants to have a look.
Last year I planted my first vegetable garden and it was a surprising success. I ended up with lots of delicious and fresh vegetables which inspired some delicious meals! I have been waiting somewhat impatiently for this extra long and incredibly cold winter to come to an end, and with the snow almost melted and my rhurbarb starting to show it's bright pink tips through the cold earth, I think it finally has! 
I have started to go through last years seeds and plan what I'm going to put where, what worked well, what didn't, etc. This weekend, I'm going to start some tomato seeds (inside) and maybe a few others to get a head start.
Time to pull out those gardening gloves and get back to work!

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