Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tulips, rhubarb and garlic!

I've been impatiently monitoring the progress of my garden, and to my delight my tulips are slowly starting to come up! I spent a whole day in the fall creating a perennial garden from what was a rock garden (not my thing....). I planted tulips and daffodils, hostas and crocus (not sure what the plural of crocus is.). Anyways, I had no idea whether they would come up or when, but after carefully looking yesterday I saw about 6 or 7 tulip leaves and 1 crocus! I am so excited! Also, I had a lesson in garlic. Last spring I was so eager to plant my garlic sets that I ignored the advice of a seasoned gardener to plant in fall. From the outside they seemed to thrive all summer, but in the fall I pulled one up and it was a fully formed head of garlic, but tiny! So I left the rest in thinking they would just decompose over winter. But last week I noticed that they sprouted! So I guess I'll give them this growing season and pull them up in the fall to see if they're mature. I learn better from my mistakes than from others I guess....
And as for my rhubarb, it's coming along nicely and was not at all upset about last night's frost!

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